Ludogorets 2 – ARSENAL 3 Arsenal came from behind in Basel and keeps the lead

The English side lost 0-2 after 15 minutes but was able to react. Xhaka, Giroud and Ozil Arsenal’s comeback certified in Switzerland.

Arsenal won 2-3 at Ludogorets to get into the knockout stages of the Champions League despite playing with fire in his visit to Sofia. He reached the quarter-hour mark with 2-0 after a crazy start but managed to right the ship before the break after goals from two separate Xhaka and Giroud. Ospina saved it 3-2 after the break and Ozil, who had already scored a hat-trick in the first leg, completed the comeback with a brand genius of the house three minutes from time to send his team to the next round with PSG with the first place in group play.

Wenger said prior to the visit to Sofia that the greatest enemy for Arsenal was complacency after the Bulgarians will take 6-0 at the Emirates Stadium two weeks ago. His team seemed to get the message on a great start game in which Ramsey and Ozil were able to put the Londoners ahead. However, that lasted what effervescent start unscrewing a bottle of soda. The Ludogorets then showed his cards to, in the blink of an eye, put 2-0 ahead thanks to Jonathan takes Cafu. The Brazilian striker, who already showed excellent ways in London despite the 6-0, marked the first 11 minutes and produced the second three minutes later after putting in check to a defense too weakened by the losses of Monreal and Bellerin.

But Arsenal was able to react to avoid collapse under the baton of a great Ozil. In the absence of Cazorla, the German was erected in owner and master of the game to give to Xhaka 2-1 at 20 minutes into the game put his team back in the game. They knew the Gunners play the game time waiting for the draw and the prize for their patience came just before the break with a header from a center Giroud Ramsey.

The Ludogorets, however, was not deterred. Quite the opposite. He left to give the stroke again after the break and forced David Ospina to show off two stops on a couple of occasions Wanderson the counterattack. The Colombian goalkeeper kept his team alive in the worst times and allowed the Arsenal continue with hopes of victory until the final minutes. Then, when it was taken for good draw, Ozil lifted the crowd from his seat with one of the goals of the season. The German dodged the departure of goalkeeper with a sublime on the edge of the area hat, with inhuman coldness, left two defenders on the ground with individual cuts bullfighter before sending a pass to the network to establish the final 2-3 that puts your team in the second round.

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