BARCELONA CITY 3-1 Guardiola hits back

Messi scored first, but tied Gundogan quarter hour. In the second part, the City was a cyclone in attack. De Bruyne turned the game with a goal-kick and Gundogan consummated victory at the Etihad.

The intensity of the City imposed a Barcelona who thought he had the match in his pocket when he reigned Messi on the pitch, but which had yet to spend a lot, almost all good for the home team. The City rose from the canvas when a direct Messi left him groggy half and took advantage of an error from Barcelona to not only remade but end up preying on the rival who ended up winning 3-1. Guardiola hit him back and he beat Barca 4-0 two weeks ago.

That the meeting was a final for the City may have to do some development of a fun game in which two of the best teams playing and keep the ball went through phases where they could just give six passes in a row. The pressure was so high by both teams, players had to make decisions at speed.

I Guardiola had promised that the party would be the least errors committed. They could not tell which of the two he made more, because each of the other teams forced to make many, but certainly failures Barca penalized more than his rival.

He started the match with Barcelona dominating the match and more tactical surprises in the Catalans in the Guardiola. Umtiti emerged as a central right and Mascherano, left, in an invention that lasted just 20 minutes. The other novelty was the presence of André Gomes average. In the City, no inventions on the right side. Zabaleta, who in the previous seemed discarded, appeared in the cooler than a cucumber field.

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